Custom Sugar CookiES


Custom sugar cookies are a deliciously unique labor of love! A lot of time and work go into making every decorated cookie, from design planning, preparing the dough, cutting each cookie (often times our cookies are cut by hand), baking, mixing individual icing colors and consistencies, decorating, drying times, and packaging! Many, many hours go into just one dozen cookies depending on the details and complexity of the design.

Our custom sugar cookies average $3.50 each with a dozen minimum per order. These standard cookies include moderate details and are typically 3”-4” in size. If you’re working with a specific theme or budget, just send us an email with what you’re looking for and we can work to design a custom set that fits your needs.

We recommend placing your order for custom cookies at least 2 weeks in advance as our schedule often fills up very quickly.

Pricing for our cookies includes individually heat sealing each cookie in a cellophane bag which helps keep the cookies soft and fresh for up to 4-6 weeks. If you prefer to have them boxed only, we can do that too, just specify no bags when ordering.