mac·a·ron /ˌmakəˈrän/

a small round cake with a meringue-like consistency, made with egg whites, sugar, and powdered almonds and consisting of two halves sandwiching a creamy filling.


If you haven’t had a macaron before, you’re missing out! Ours are thick, soft, chewy and filled with delicious goodness. There’s really nothing else quite like a macaron.

Our standard size macarons are approximately 2” diameter and $2.25 each. For special orders, you can request any number of flavors, with a dozen minimum per flavor. (Specialty flavors or designs may incur additional costs)

We also do macaron flash sales periodically of assorted flavors in smaller quantities. Be sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram to be notified when we have these sales!

Your macarons will stay fresh refrigerated in an air tight container for 3-5 days or you can freeze them for up to 3 months! Just set them out for a bit to come to room temperature and soften up.